Activating Your NetID

Although a NetID is automatically generated as soon as a person becomes affiliated with the University, it is not usable until it is activated.

To activate, please go to the NetID Activation System and follow the directions. To complete the activation process you will need to know one of the following:

  • Your NSHE ID
  • Your Employee ID Number (Human Resources can help you find this)
    • An Employee ID number should be entered into the Activation System in the form e000123456. The "e" helps the system to identify you as an employee rather than a student.

The final screen of the activation process will tell you what your NetID is. This also informs you that your NetID has been successfully activated. You will immediately be able to use your NetID on most University systems.

Some tools, such as WebCampus, may experience a few hours delays before you will be able to log in. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before reporting any problems.