NetIDs for Visitors

Wi-fi only?

If your visitor only needs wi-fi access, you do not need a Guest NetID.

Please see our information on the UNR-Guest Wireless Network.

We understand that many departments bring in Visiting Scholars or Affiliates to complete research or assist with major projects. These people are not recorded in the HR databases, and therefore do not automatically get assigned a NetID.

If you would like your guest to receive a NetID, please fill out the Application for Computing Resources. All aspects of the form should be completed. In particular, for auditing purposes, we require a detailed description of the work that the guest will be undertaking.

For example, instead of writing "Research", please enter in something more detailed, such as "Researching different traffic patterns in urban environments". NetIDs give access to licensed products that cost the University money per user. Therefore, a detailed description of the use of the NetID will help us verify proper authentication and use when the user accounts get audited.

Once completed, it can be faxed to (775) 784-4399 or delivered to the OIT Support Center Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center. The form will then get sent to OIT Management for approval, and the account will be created. The visitor is usually notified via their personal email that the account is ready for activation.


Volunteers covered by Workers' Comp must be registered in the HR database prior to requesting a Guest NetID. Spnsoring department must submit a completed UNR Volunteer Packet form to BCN HR.

Under 18?

If the visitor is under 18, a Parental Consent form must be completed alongside the application for a Guest NetID.