Login IDs

The University utilizes different types of usernames on campus including the NetID, the NSHE ID, and the RACF ID. These all grant a member of the University access to different resources on campus.

Information on requesting, activating, and resetting passwords on these accounts, can be found in the following sections:

Login IDs and where they are used.
Login IDDescriptionExampleAccesses
NetID Available to all faculty, staff and students. Comprised of parts of the user's first and last name and occasionally a number. hpotter3
  • Campus Computers
  • WebCampus
  • Employee Email (Exchange)
  • Library Resources
  • Most other online and campus resources
NSHE ID Ten-digit unique ID number for each student, faculty and staff member within NSHE. 8000123456
  • Student access to MyNevada.
RACF ID University administrative account available to faculty and staff with a legitimate need to access secure databases. RADABC1
  • Mustang
  • SIS
  • Other NSHE Secure Databases
Google Students can register their custom email-for-life account with Google. potter@nevada.unr.edu
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Other Google Apps for Education services