Connecting to Department Site with DreamWeaver CS6

This is how to connect to the files on your department website with DreamWeaver CS6.

  1. After launching DreamWeaver, click on Manage Sites from the dropdown in the Files tab at the bottom-right of the program.Manage Sites
  2. A new window will appear. Click on New Site, found on the bottom-right.New Site button
  3. Give you site a name, and select the folder on your local computer that contains any relevant website files (this folder does not have to be an exact replica of the folder on the server and can even be empty). Do not click on Save.Site Information
  4. In the top-left of the same screen, click on Servers.Servers Tab
  5. Click on the + sign to add a new server connection.Add New Server
  6. In the window that appears, enter in the following information:Connection Details
    • Server Name: This can be anything you want to help you identify the connection you are setting up.
    • Connect using: SFTP (the window will alter slightly after selecting this option)
    • SFTP Address: This can vary from site to site, but generally it will either be or If you are unsure on which server your website is located, please contact IT Support.
    • Username: Your NetID username.
    • Password: Your NetID password.
    • Root Directory: This is the path to the folder on the server that contains the files. If you are unsure of the path, please contact IT Support.
      The Root Directory must begin with a forward-slash "/" otherwise the server will not successfully connect.
    • Web URL: This is the website address as you would enter it in a web browser. DreamWeaver will attempt to guess what this address is, and will usually be incorrect.
    Once completed, click Save.
  7. To connect to the remote files, from the main screen in the bottom-right, select your site from the dropdown on the left, then select Remote server from the dropdown on the right, and then click on the Connect button. The list of files should display ready for you to edit.Remote Server Files