There are a number of different types of webspace that is on offer at the University:

NOTE: Owners and editors of all University websites are required to complete Basic Web Accessibility training before a request for a website can be submitted. Sign up for training on the TLT website.

Department Websites

University departments have a number of choices for developing an online presence.

Personal Websites

Employees can get website space using our WolfWeb system.


WebCampus is the University's online learning system. It provides resources to teaching staff that allows them to put the content of their courses online for their students to access at any time. The system integrates with MyNEVADA, so that students are automatically enrolled in the online component of a course. For more information, please contact the Instructional Design Team.

Other Options

These are not the only ways that a website can be developed at the University - for example, some sites use a URL to point to an external, third-party, hosting system. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.