Shared Docs - Unique Permissions

It's very common for a department to want unique permissions assigned to individual files and folders in their Shared Docs. For example, with a list of leave records, you probably only want your employees to view their specific record. Whereas, you will need to be able to view all of the records.

This can be achieved by breaking the inheritance of permissions and then setting unique security settings for each item.

In the following example, we are going to create a folder for a new employee (Harry Potter), and then make sure that the owner of that site can still see all of the folders in that document list, but the new employee can only see their own folder. We recommend doing this in Internet Explorer.

  1. Access your Shared Docs folder from the quick launch menu on the left (in this example, the Shared Docs folder is called "Example Document Library"). It's not possible to go through these processes via a web part.
  2. From the + New select Folder 
  3. In the windows that appears, type in the name of the Employee (or whatever you would like to call the folder). Click Create to create the folder.

    At this stage, your folder has been created but it has inherited the permissions of the whole site. So, now we need to lock down the folder.
  4. Hover your mouse over the newly created folder, right click on the folder, and select Details.
  5. A details windows will open on the right side of the screen. Click on Change Permissions.

  6. From the Manage Access area click on Advanced.

  7. From the ribbon at the top, click on Stop Inheriting Permissions. An alert will appear to confirm that you want to perform this action. Click on OK.Alert
  8. You now want to remove everybody from having access to this folder, except the owners of the site (or anyone else that should be able to access the folder). Check the boxes next to each individual or group that you don't want to have access, and then click on Remove User Permissions from the ribbon at the top.Remove User Permissions

    Another alert will appear. Again, click on OK.Alert

  9. Now we need to give the new employee read-only access to this folder. From the menu at the top, click om Grant Permissions.
  10. In the window that appears, enter the new employee's NetID and it should be able to reslve the users name.
  11. Uncheck the "Share everything in this folder, even items with unique permissions." and click on SHOW OPTIONS.
  12. In the box below Select a permission level, and the Read option has been selected (if you would like the user to have the ability to edit the documents in the folder, then check the "Contribute" box).
  13. In the final box, if you would like to notify the user via email that they have access to this folder, then keep the Send an email invitation box checked. Otherwise uncheck it. When everything is complete, click on Share.
  14. You should then see that only those that you would like to have access are listed it in the list of permissions for this folder.List of Users

You have now set unique permissions for this folder. In the list of Shared Docs, you as the owner should be able to see all of the folders:List of Folders

But, the regular employees will only be able to see their own folder:Unique Permissions