Sharepoint: Shared Documents

Shared Documents allow a department to collaborate on documents. It's also possible to have versioning associated with a file so that it is possible to rollback to an earlier version if necessary.

Create Document Library

For a document to be stored in SharePoint, a library for those documents needs to be created.

  1. From the Gear Icon (Settings Menu), click on Add an App.
  2. Click on Document Library to create the document library.
  3. You will then asked to name the Document Library, and if you click on Advanced Options answer some questions about it:
    • Document Version History: If you would like to switch on version history on any document uploaded to this library, select "Yes". For space reasons, the default for this option is "No" as not all people need versioning.
    • Document Template: You can upload any kind of document to the library. However, if you create a document from scratch in the library, then this is the type that will be created. If in doubt, keep the default option.
  4. Click on Create. You will then be taken to your document library.

Adding a File to your Document Library

  1. From within the Document Library click on the Upload button.
  2. You can then upload a document from your local computer to the SharePoint site. Select the document you want to upload to SharePoint and click Open.
  3. The document will appear in the Document Library instantly.

Editing a Document in Sharepoint

For best results, you should be accessing this SharePoint site with Internet Explorer. Other browsers will work, but possibly not as smoothly.
  1. To edit a document on SharePoint, first click on the Document name.
  2. If the document is a Word, Excel, or a PowerPoint file, the browser will automatically open the document in the browser for you. This is also dependent on how your document library is setup.You will then be able to edit the document. Whenever you save the document, the new version will be automatically uploaded to the SharePoint site.

Assigning unique permissions to individual documents

It is possible to assign unique permissions to individual documents and folders within the Shared Docs library. This will lock them down so that only specified people will be able to view and edit the documents. This can be useful if you would like to use a Document Library to store leave records.