Sharepoint: Lists

Lists are configurable tables that can be used to present data in an easy-to-read format. They can be used to store contact information, inventory items, or anything for which you may normally use a spreadsheet.

Creating a List

  1. From the Site Actions menu select More Options...Site Actions
  2. The "Create" Window will apear. From the Filter By options, select List.Filter By List
  3. A number of options will appear - many of these are pre-made lists. However, for this example, we will click on Custom List.Custom List Icon
  4. Name the list and click on Create.Name the List
  5. You will then be taken to your list. You will now need to define the columns for the list.
  6. Click on Create Column from the List Tab at the top of the screen.Create Column
  7. A new window will appear. You will need to define the column name and type, and complete any additional settings. Once completed, click on OK.Define the Column
  8. You will then see your column in the list view.Example Column
  9. Repeat the necessary steps to add all the columns you need.
  10. To change the order fo the column, click on Modify View just above "Create Column".Modify View
  11. You can then select the order you would like to view the columns. Once completed, click on OK at the bottom of the page.Column Ordering

Add Item To List

  1. To add an item to the list, first navigate to the list, and then click on Add new item located at the bottom of the list.Add new item
  2. A form will appear with all the fields associated with the list.New List Item Form
  3. When complete click on Save. Your new item will be appended to the list.Item in List