Using Sharepoint

SharePoint is a huge tool with many functions that would take a vast amount of webspace to explain. Thankfully, people have already taken the time to put together those resources, and you can find them at the bottom of this webpage. In the meantime, this page should give you an overview of how to access SharePoint, and utilize some of the most common features.

Accessing your Sharepoint Site

As long as you have permissions to the site, you should be able to enter in the full website address and log in with your The important part is knowing the full website address of your SharePoint site. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go to and navigate to your site. For security reasons, it is not possible to search for, or view a directory listing of, the many SharePoint sites at the University. The vast majority of SharePoint sites begin with and this is then followed by the abbreviation of the department name. Your department administrator should be able to point you to the correct location, otherwise please contact IT Support.

My NetID isn't working

If you have verified that your NetID is working elsewhere, please check these three troubleshooting steps:

  1. Permissions. Do you have permission to access the site? If you're not sure, please talk to your department administrator or the personnel that owns the site. They will be able to check your permissions. If you are unable to find the departmental owner of the site, please contact IT Support.
  2. Fully-Qualify your NetID. Some off-campus personnel will need to enter "UNR\" before their NetID in order to access the site.
  3. Use Internet Explorer. Although it should make minimal difference, Sharepoint is a Microsoft product and so is Internet Explorer. They work well together. It's a good idea to rule out the issue being browser-related.

Common Tools in Sharepoint


Creating a basic page with texts and images.


Utilizing Sharepoint lists to keep track of resources.

Shared Documents

Storing documents on Sharepoint for the department to access and edit.

Further Training

More in-depth video tutorials can be found in here: