SharePoint Administration

Nearly every SharePoint site has an "Owner" that is a member of the department it relates to. This allows each department to be self-sufficient about assigning permissions and creating new content.

The administration resources are intended to guide site owners through the most common functions (creating new sites and assigning permissions). However, please don't hesitate to contact IT Support if you have further questions.

Creating New Sites

Information on creating new sub-sites and the information required for IT to create a site on the root of the SharePoint server.

Assigning Permissions

How to assign permissions to the SharePoint site for which you are an owner.

Who is the owner of my department SharePoint site?

In most cases the "Owner" of your department's SharePoint site is the department admin assistant. If it isn't them, they usually know who it is. However, if that is not the case, please contact IT Support to retrieve that information.