Quick Reference Guide to Microsoft Office 365 Tiles


Word Tile   Word enables user to:

        • create, edit, view word documents
        • share word documents

 Learn more about Word

Excel Tile

 Excel enables user to:

        • create, edit, and view spreadsheets
        • keep track of data
        • perform basic calculations, use graphing tools, and pivot tables

 Learn more about Excel


 Forms enables users to:

        • create surveys, quizzes, and polls
        • easily access results as documents are submitted
        • export results to Excel 
        • access built in analytic 

Learn more about Forms


PowerPoint Tile

 PowerPoint enables user to:

        • create presentations 
        • add images, text, and videos to presentations
        • share presentations

 Learn more about PowerPoint

Sway tile

 Sway enables users to:

        • quickly and easily produce professional, interactive, and visually appealing designs 
        • create interactive presentations
        • share presentations

Learn more about Sway

Get Organized: 

Class Notebook Tile  Class Notebook 

        • Faculty: It allows you to add or remove students, keep notes on each of your classes and manage your notebooks 
        • Students: It allows you to have notebooks for each of your classes, add or remove teachers and manage your notebooks

Learn more about Class Notebook: University of Nevada, Reno students do not have access to Class Notebook therefore it is NOT recommended for Faculty use. 

OneNote Tile  OneNote enables the user to:

        • create a number of different Notebooks
        • organize their notes by topics
        • link to class Notebook 
        • share notes

Learn more about OneNote

Calendar Tile

  Calendar enables user to:

        • keep track of meetings
        • share meetings
        • color coordinate events in calendar

Learn more about Calendar 

Tasks Tile

 Tasks enables user to:

        • create and Manage a To-Do list
        • check items off the list as they are completed
        • attach files 
        • set reminders 

Learn more about Tasks

People Tile   People enables users to: 

        • create and edit new contacts (All university contacts are populated into Office 365)
        • manage and search for contacts
        • view contact's information
        • add notes to contact profiles

Learn more about People

Planner Tile

 Planner enables users to:

        • create new plans 
        • add team members 
        • organize, assign tasks and get updates
        • share files
        • Chat with team members

Learn more about Planner

Storage and Sharing: 

OneDrive Tile

 OneDrive enables users to:

        • have unlimited storage space
        • create, edit, share, and delete files

 Learn more about OneDrive

SharePoint Tile

 SharePoint enables users to:

        • share files 
        • set permission levels to files

 Learn more about Share-point 

Teams Tile

 Teams enables users to:

        • work collaboratively on projects
        • share documents
        • start a chat 
        • add assignments

Learn more about teams

Delve Tile

 Delve enables user to:

        • view all documents that have been shared with them through a Microsoft Product (ex. Share-point, OneDrive, OneNote) in one place
        • view what others are working on (If they have permission to do so)

Learn more about Delve 

Stay Connected: 

Yammer Tile

 Yammer enables users to:

        • Collaborate securely across departments
        • communicate within the organization
        • enable on SharePoint

 Learn more about Yammer: Yammer is a social media platform 

Newsfeed Tile

News-feed enables users to:

        • start conversations with contacts
        • view updates created by contacts

 Learn more about NewsFeed


PowerApps Tile

 Enables users to: 

        • develop, customize, and manage applications
        • gather data from applications
        • share and run applications

Learn more about PowerApps

Flow Tile

 Enables users to: 

        • manage and integrate applications
        • create automated work flows
        • collect data

 Learn more about Flow

Creating, Editing, and Viewing Videos: 

Although the following video applications are available to Faculty and Staff through Office 365, we discourage their use as they do not support our accessibility policies. We strongly encourage the use of Kaltura for instructional purposes. 

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 Video and Stream?

  • video is only available to Microsoft Subscribers
  • stream is available publicly (You don't have to be a Microsoft Subscriber to use Stream).

Both products have similar features and capabilities.

Video Tiles

Learn more about Video

Stream Tile

 Learn more about Stream 


Business Enterprise: 

Dynamics 365 tile

 Dynamics 365 enables users to:

      • manage numerous people and their information
      • create profiles

(Cloud based ERP and CRM enterprise system) 

Learn more about Dynamics 365