NAS: Mapping in Windows 7

To map a drive letter to your NAS share, you will need to know the network path of the files. This is in the format \\storage\path\to\folder.

If you only know the drive letter your department uses (such as the G: drive or S: drive), then you will need to ask a member of your department for the full path. Unfortunately, IT Support is unable to look up network paths by drive letter, as the letter is not specific to a particular location. However, we may be able to find the location based on your department and the type of share you are after.

Once you have the network path of the folder, these instructions will help you to map it to a drive letter.

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Win Key Key and "E" at the same time on your keyboard, or click Computer from the Start menu.
  2. From the menu on the left, click on Computer to bring up the list of connected drives, and then click on Map network drive from the horizontal menu at the top.My Computer
  3. A screen will appear, enter in the following information:Map Network Drive
    • Drive: Pick the drive letter you would like to use for this Network Share. Some departments like to standardize this, so check with your departmental administrator to find out if there is a specific letter you should be using. Otherwise, pick whichever letter you would like.
    • Folder: Enter in the network path to your NAS share. It must be written in the form \\storage\folder\to\share. If you are connecting from the wireless network, or from off-campus, you will need to enter the server name as
    • If you are connecting from the wireless network, off-campus, or a computer that you did not log into with your NetID, check the Connect using different credentials box.
    Click Finish.
  4. If you checked the "Connect using different credentials" box, you will be prompted for your username and password. Enter your NetID in the form UNR\NetID. Check the Remember my credentials box if you do not want to be asked for your NetID every time you try to connect to this drive.Enter Credentials
  5. If everything has been entered correctly, a window will pop up connecting you to your NAS share, and a new drive letter will appear in your list of available drive.Network Drive

If you have any issues connecting to your NAS share, please contact IT Support.