NAS: Backup/ Restore


Everything on the NAS servers is backed up securely every night. These backups are then retained for 28 days before the media used for the backup is wiped and reused.

A file must have existed on the NAS for at least one full night for it to be backed up. Therefore, any file or folder that is created and then deleted in the same work day will not be backed up, and therefore can not be restored.

Restoring Files

If you need a file or folder restored on your NAS share, please contact IT Support for a work order to be submitted. They will need to know the full network path to the file and folder as well as the time and date that the file was found missing or altered.

Please note that the file may not be restored instantly - it can take a full business day for the restoration process to complete. Additionally, the restored file may have "_old" appended to its name so as not to overwrite any file already present in the NAS. You may rename the file once the restoration has been completed.

If you have any questions about the backup and restoration procedure for the University Network Storage system, please contact IT Support.