Network Data Storage

University IT offers secure disk space for storage of work-related documents and data on the Network Attached Storage (NAS) system.  Network-attached storage consists of hard disk storage and software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network-attached device (like a computer linked to the UNR domain).

If you are accessing your NAS share from the wireless signal, or from off-campus, you will need to fully-qualify the server from \\storage\... to \\\...


  • Access to documents and data are secured by limiting access to specific NetIDs.  Personal shares are limited to a single NetID, Departmental/Group shares can have any number of authorized users.
  • Storage spaces (or shares) can be mapped as a lettered drive to the local computer making storage and recovery seamless from programs. For example: a personal share may be identified as the H: or U: drive and a group share may appear as the G: or S: drive.
  • Documents and data are available from any machine within the UNR domain a faculty or staff member logs into. For example: A classroom PowerPoint presentation may be created using an employee’s personal computer and retrieved from a classroom podium computer when the instructor logs on to teach. It is also possible to remotely access the University network from off-campus to retrieve files from the NAS.

Storage Types

Department/ Group Shares

Information on storage available for multiple people to access.

Personal Share

Information on the storage available for individual employees of the University.

Useful Resources

Mac Access

How to access a network share from a Mac.

Mapping A Network Drive

How to create a quick shortcut to your NAS share by assigning it to a drive letter on a PC.

Backup/ Restoration

Information on NAS backups and how to restore files.

For any assistance with your network storage issues, please contact IT Support.