How To Track Your Files

With NevadaBox, keeping track of edits to a file is simple. Any time that you use Box Edit or upload a new version of a file, NevadaBox overwrites the old version with the updated version. While only the newest versions are displayed in NevadaBox, all of the previous versions are saved.

Why Track Your Files?

Whenever someone interacts with one of your files, an access stat is created. NevadaBox uses access stats to allow the owner to see what actions have been done on that file such as:

  • When someone views your file
  • When someone downloads a file

To access these stats, click on More Options next to your file. Navigate to Properties and then Access Stats.Access Stats

Viewing Previous Versions

  1. To view the version history of a file, click on the v below the file name.V Number
  2. A box will appear that shows the version history. It will show you the Current version. You also have the option to Download or Remove a version, as well as revert to a previous version by clicking on Make current under that version.Version History