Sharing a Folder or File

It is possible to share a folder or file with others using a shared link. If you choose to share a folder, all the files within that folder are shared too.

  1. Highlight the folder or file you wish to share, and click on the link that says Share.Share link
  2. A link address will appear. You may then copy and paste this link into an email.Link URL

Links to shared folders or files will expire after 60 days. This expiration date can be changed.

Creating Public Links

By default, shared links only allow access to people with NevadaBox accounts. If the data is not sensitive, then it is possible to allow the general public access without requiring them to log in.

Do not share sensitive data with a public link.
  1. After clicking on the Share button (step 1 above), click on the button below the link URL (usually labeled "People in your company").
  2. Select People with the link from the list of options.People with this link
  3. Click Save. The link will now provide access to the data without requiring the person to log in.