Changing Ownership

To change or transfer folder ownership, you must be the owner of the folder. If the owner of the folder is no longer affiliated with the University, please contact IT Support to transfer ownership.

If you are the owner of the folder, then follow these steps to transfer ownership to another individual. The new owner should already have permissions to access the folder.

  1. Open the folder that will be changing owners.
  2. On the right side of the screen there is a list of collaborators. In the list, find the person who you want to become the new owner and click on their access level below their name or email address.Access Level
  3. A drop down list will appear with all of the different access levels. Click on OwnerSelect Owner
  4. A pop up message will appear asking to confirm your action. Click on Okay.Click Okay
It is not possible to transfer ownership of a sub-folder without also transferring ownership of its parent folder.