Personal Computers (Windows and Mac)

Box Sync is a computer app that allows you to sync content between your desktop and your NevadaBox account. The following instructions can be used to download the app and how to sync folders for personal computers running Windows and all Mac computers.

  1. Log in to NevadaBox and click on your name in the top right corner. Then, from the drop down menu, select Get Box Sync.Get Box Sync
  2. On the left side of the screen, click the button that says Box Sync. Depending on if you're on a Windows machine or a Mac, the correct version of Box Sync will download.Download Box Sync
  3. After the app is done downloading, navigate to your downloads folder and run the installer, accepting all the default settings (you will need to be an administrator of the computer).Downloaded File
  4. To log in after launching the application, click on the option Use Company Credentials.Use Company Credentials
  5. Enter your email address and click Log In.Enter email
  6. Enter your NetID and Password and click enter, or click on the Sign In button.Enter NetID

Sync Files from your computer to NevadaBox

In the Box Sync app, click on settings near the top of the screen. Displayed is the path to where the files will sync from NevadaBox to your computer. Click on Open Folder and drag your folders that you want to upload to NevadaBox into that folder.Box Sync Settings

Alternatively, the folder can be seen in Windows Explorer or Apple's Finder.

Sync Files from NevadaBox to your computer

If you would like to sync from NevadaBox to your computer, go to your NevadaBox account and click on the button with the downward arrow next to the folder you want to sync. Choose Sync Folder to Computer from the drop down menu. From the pop up, click Sync Folder.Sync to Computer