FTP Access

Accessing your NevadaBox account via FTP requires that a separate password is configured for your account. With that in place, you can then use any FTP client to upload and download files.

The external password should only be used to access your NevadaBox account via FTP. You should continue to log into the NevadaBox website with your NetID and password. Do not share the external password with anyone.

Create An External Password

  1. Log into NevadaBox with your NetID and password.
  2. Click on your name in the top-right of the screen and select Account Settings.Account Settings Link
  3. Locate the box titled "Create External Password" and click on Edit Password.Edit Password
  4. Enter in a password that will be used for the FTP connection.Entering Password

    It is recommended that this password is not the same as your NetID password.
  5. Click SaveSave Button

Configure the FTP Client

In this example Filezilla on a Windows PC will be used, but this method will work with most other FTP clients on any operating system. Filezilla is available for your University Computer from the Software Center.

  1. Launch the Site Manager and then click on the New Site button.Site Manager
  2. Enter the following information:FTP Connection Settings
    • Host: ftp.box.com
    • Port: 990
    • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    • Encryption: Require Implicit FTP over TLS
    • Logon Type: Normal
    • User: [netid]@unr.edu e.g. potter@unr.edu
    • Password: The external password you just created
  3. Click on Connect.Connect Button
  4. You may receive a warning about the certificate. Click on OK.

You should now be connected to your NevadaBox account via FTP.