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Data, Web and Cloud Systems

The Data, Web, and Cloud Systems (also known as Critical Systems) at the University ensure that your data is safe, your website is operational, and that your research can be completed reliably. Through the power of many, many servers distributed all over campus and beyond, we manage and back-up over a petabyte of department, personal, and web server files to ensure that you can access and share the data as and when you need it. Additionally, our research resources include a super computer able to process statistical and quantitative data much faster and reliably than a personal computer.

Data Management

Network Data Storage

Accessing files and folders on the the NAS and other data servers in use at the University.


The University file sharing system similar to DropBox, OneDrive, and Box.



Information on the different types of websites available, including departmental websites, personal websites, and blogs.


Accessing and using the collaboration system for University departments.


Research Resources

Facilities available to assist with research and data processing, including The Grid super computer.


Virtual, on-demand server operating system environments available to members of the University.

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