Buying a New Office Computer

Buying a computer for your office can be a confusing experience. It may be tempting to go to the nearest computing superstore with your purchasing card, and get the best-looking computer in your price range. However, doing so may result in limited to no support from the University IT department. The University prefers that you buy a computer through the University's Dell and Apple programs along with a 3 year warranty. For more information on the type of computer to purchase, please review our recommended Hardware Specifications, or contact IT Support.

If you budget is unable to stretch to a brand new computer, the IT department is able to offer a refurbished computer for $60.

Benefits of Buying through NSHE/ University of Nevada

The University recommends purchasing a computer through the University programs for Dell and Apple. The University has contracts with Dell and Apple that allow us to purchase computers at a significantly discounted rate. Additionally, IT can more easily support equipment from the Dell and Apple programs, because the department is an official Dell warranty provider and has certified Apple technicians on staff.  We may not be able to fully support other brands of computers.


University IT recommends that, along with the hardware, at least a three year warranty is also purchased. Additionally, if you are purchasing a laptop, you may also wish to purchase accidental damage coverage to protect you from damage caused by drops, spills, etc.

Ordering a Computer

You can order a computer using multiple methods:

  • Contact your office manager
  • Through the Dell Premier Website or Apple contracted vendor system
  • Via a work order through IT support.

If you need assistance in configuring or choosing a proper unit, please contact IT support. A work order will be opened, and the appropriate IT personnel will be assigned to assist you through the process.

Consult with an Office Manager

Your department office manager may prefer to handle the ordering of your new computer, as they often manage department purchases.

Dell Premier

You may choose to configure your Dell computer yourself. Do the following to order a computer on the Dell Premier website:

  1. Contact the University Purchasing Department to obtain a password for the Dell Premier website.
  2. Log into the Dell Premier site, or go via the the Purchasing Department's Contracted Vendors site.
  3. Click on Shop to see all options.
  4. Configure the computer(s) and equipment you want (only enterprise-level models are available. Contact IT Support for assistance with the configuration options.
  5. Add the order to your cart, set a quantity, and continue shopping for other items.
  6. Choose a minimum of a 3 year warranty.
  7. Click Save as E-quote to save the order as an E-quote from the cart.
  8. Click E-quote and follow the directions. You will receive an e-mail with a copy of the E-quote.
  9. Attach a Purchase Requisition (Rx) order form from the Purchasing Department to the E-quote.
  10. Take or send the E-quote to the University Purchasing Department.
  • If the order is under the P-Card limit, then you can pay for the order with a University P-Card through the Dell Premier checkout cart instead of completing a Purchase Requisition form and delivering it to the Purchasing department. To order with a P-card, click Checkout.
    • If you pay with a P-card, make sure all information is correct for your department and no default information is used from the form.
  • If you're not sure how to proceed once you create an E-quote, please contact the Purchasing Department.
  • If you modify an E-quote, be sure to create a new E-quote with your changes for payment processing.

Apple Purchasing Program

  1. Access the list of the Purchasing Department's Contracted Vendors.
  2. Click on the Apple icon to download the Apple purchasing form.
  3. Follow the instructions on the form
    1. Access the Apple NSHE Portal
    2. Sign in with your Apple ID
    3. Click on Apple Online Store
    4. Configure your computer
    5. Add your order to the cart for checkout
    6. Ensure that you have checked the "Apple Care Protection" box
    7. Choose either Checkout or Send Proposal.

If you need help configuring your new computer, please contact IT Support.

What should I buy?

Details on the type of computer you should purchase can be found on our Hardware Specifications page.