Warranty Information: Apple

To find the warranty information of your Apple computer, you must first locate the serial number of the computer.

  1. Go to Apple's Support site.
  2. In the bottom-right of the page is a section called "Other Resources". Click on Check your service & support coverage.Apple Support Site
  3. Enter in your Apple's serial number and click on Continue.Apple Support Enter Serial
  4. Your warranty information will be displayed. Unfortunately, this system is unable to inform you whether the computer is owned by UNR. However, our Mac specialist technicians will be able to look up this information if necessary.

If your computer is in warranty, then all part can be replaced free-of-charge, unless the problem was caused by accidental damage or the computer is not UNR-owned.

If your computer is out of warranty but UNR-owned, then there may be a charge for replacement parts but we can still offer free labor.