Lync: Whiteboard Collaboration

This feature is not available on Lync for Mac.

The Whiteboard in Lync allows people to collaborate within a creative space. The whiteboard allows for drawing, typing, and inserting images.

Starting a Whiteboard

  1. Click on the Presentation icon and select Whiteboard.Whiteboard icon

Using the Whiteboard

Use of the whiteboard should be fairly straightforward. The tools on the right allow you to switch from typing to drawing to inserting images. Additionally, it is possible to paste copied images onto the surface.

Hovering your mouse over any of the tools will provide a description of their function.Hover

The contents of the whiteboard updates for all participants in real-time.

Saving a Whiteboard

You may wish to save the contents of the whiteboard to review at a later time.

  1. Click on the 3 Dots at the bottom of the list of whiteboard tools and select Save As from the menu that appears.Save As
  2. Choose the name and location of the file (it will be saved as a PNG image file) and click Save.