Lync: Conduct a Poll

This feature is not available on Lync for Mac.

Polls in Lync allow you to submit a question to the group with a number of possible answers. They can be used to gauge the real-time opinions of the people within the discussion.

Create a Poll

  1. Click on the Presentation icon and select Poll from the options.Poll Option
  2. The "Create Poll" screen will appear. Enter in the name of the poll, your question, and list the possible answers (you do not need to fill in all the boxes). Once completed, click Create.Create Poll
  3. The poll will then be sent to all members of the conversation. Everyone (including the poll creator) will be able to answer the question.
  4. Once the Poll is being presented, clicking on Poll Actions button will allow you to change some of the settings.Poll Actions
    • Close the poll
    • Display whether results are shown to attendees or hidden
    • Edit the question
    • Clear the votes
    • Save the results

Answering a Poll

When a poll is presented in your conversation window, simply click on the button next to the answer you want to select. If you change your mind, click on the new answer and the results will update accordingly. You only get one vote.Poll Display