Lync: Share Your Desktop

Sharing your computer desktop can be useful when troubleshooting technical issues, or just to give someone your perspective.

  1. From within the conversation window, click on the Presentation icon and click on Desktop (those with multiple monitors may prefer to choose a specific monitor rather than displaying their whole desktop, which will render very small in the recipients conversation).Share Desktop
  2. Click OK to the warning.Sharing Warning
  3. The conversation recipient will then need to accept the screen sharing request by clicking on Accept Meeting Content (PC) or the green check mark (Mac).Accept Sharing
  4. Everyone in the conversation will then be able to see your computer desktop.Screen Share
  5. To view your monitor in full screen, users should click the Full Screen button at the top-right (PC) or the bottom right (Mac) of the conversation window.Full Screen

    Press Esc on the keyboard to exit full screen mode.

Requesting Control

This feature is only available for PC to PC screen sharing - Mac users can not control a PC, and PC users can not control a Mac.

It's possible for the recipient of the screen share to request control of your computer. This would give the recipient control of your mouse and keyboard. This is particularly useful if you are seeking technical support from your conversation partner.

  • You can give control of your computer by clicking on the Give Control button on the bar at the top of your shared screen, and selecting the name of the person you would like to give control to.Give control
  • Alternatively, the recipient can click on the Request Control button within the presentation window.Request Control
    • You must allow this request by clicking on Yes to the message at the top of your screen.Control Request

Stop the Presentation

To stop the broadcast of your screen, click on the Stop Presenting button either from the conversation window or the bar at the top of the screen.Stop Presenting