Skype for Business: Schedule - PC

The instructions below use Outlook 2013 for the examples. The process is identical for Outlook 2010 or later.
  1. Within Outlook, click on New Items from the ribbon at the top, and select Skype Meeting from the menu that appears.New Lync Meeting
  2. A new meeting invitation will open. The message body will automatically contain details the meeting recipients will receive for connecting to the meeting.Meeting Details
  3. Fill in the recipients, subject, location, and meeting time as you would for a regular face-to-face meeting.Meeting Parameters
  4. Further online meeting configurations can be made by clicking on the Meeting Options button from the ribbon at the top. The default settings should be fine for most people.Meeting Options
  5. Click Send to deliver the online meeting invite to the recipients.Send Button

The recipients will be able to join the meeting by following the instructions in the body of the invite regardless of whether they have Skype for Business installed on their computer or not.