Skype for Business: Mute/Unmute Participants

Although Microsoft Skype for Business does its best to control the volume of participants so that the flow of the meeting is not disturbed, it may be necessary for you to mute your microphone, or for the event organizer to mute the microphone of another person.

Skype for Business will display helpful hints if it feels that your microphone is causing disturbance to the ambience of the meeting.Audio Warning

Mute Yourself

  1. Click on the Audio button at the bottom of the conference window. This will toggle the mute on your microphone. A red line will appear through the microphone symbol when the device is muted.Unmuted Muted

Mute Other People

  1. As the event organizer, right-click on the user you would like to mute from the list of participants, and select Mute from the menu.Mute Menu
  2. To unmute the participant, follow the same procedure but click on Unmute from the menu.Unmute menu

It is not possible to permanently mute a participant. If you mute them, they can unmute themselves. If a participant becomes a nuisance, you may wish to remove them from the meeting altogether.