Skype for Business: Add/Remove Participants

Adding Participants

As well as inviting guests via the conventional method, there are other ways that guests can be admitted into a conference.

Admitting Outside Guests

When a guest, entering via the Web App, joins the meeting, they are initially placed in the Virtual Lobby. This allows you, as the meeting organizer, to have greater control on outsiders entering your meetings.

When the outside guest first arrives, a message will appear in your conversation window informing you. If you are confident knowing who it is, then you can Admit them from the message. Alternatively, click on See Lobby or view the list of participants to get more details.Lobby Message

From the participants list, you can admit or deny any outside guest.Admit or Deny

Inviting Internal Attendees On-The-Fly

If the meeting is occurring, and you would like to invite someone from the University, who had not been invited, to participate, then it is possible to bring them in from within the conference.

  1. From the list of participants, click on the Invite More People button at the bottom of the screen will allow you to search the list of Skype-enabled employees at the University.Invite More People
  2. Either search by name, NetID, or phone number.Invite
  3. Click on OK to send the invitation.Click OK
  4. A pop-up will appear on the user's desktop.Conference Pop-up

    Clicking on the pop-up will enter them into the conference.

Removing Participants

It may be necessary to eject somebody from a meeting. From the list of participants, right-click on their name and select Remove from the menu.Remove Participant

The user will receive a message telling them that they have been removed. They can no longer participate in the meeting.You have been removed

To prevent the ejected user from rejoining the meeting, you may wish to change the entry settings for the meeting:

  1. From within the conference window click on the 3 Dots in the lower-right and select Meeting Options from the menu.Meeting Options
  2. Under the "These people don't have to wait in the lobby" option, select The Meeting Organizer.People Don't Have To Wait
  3. Click OK.Click OK

This setting will prevent any ejected meeting attendee from being able to rejoin the conference without your permission.