Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging provides comprehensive voicemail access through the telephone and via e-mail.  


First Time

First Time Use

Instructions for setting up your voicemail for the first time


Accessing Your Voicemail

Hearing your messages from on and off campus.

Reset PIN

Resetting Your PIN

How to obtain a new PIN.


Printable Booklet

Print this double-sided booklet for easy access to information on using Unified Messaging.

E-mail Access

People with an @unr.edu e-mail address, managed by the University OIT Department, will receive a fully integrated voicemail/e-mail environment.

  • Transcribed voicemails, with an attached audio file, will appear in your inbox.
  • You can listen to your e-mails and calendar appointments via the telephone access number.

Menu Structure

Unified Messaging can recognize simple voice commands (highlighted in bold below). Alternatively, press then 0 to use the touchtone system.

  • To listen to your Voicemail messages, press 1
  • To listen to your E-mail messages, press 2
  • To listen to your Calendar options, press 3
  • To find a Personal Contacts, press 4
  • To create a voicemail message, press 5
  • To change your Personal Options, press 6
Personal Options
  • To turn on your Out of Office Telephone Greeting that lets callers know you are away, press 1
  • To change your PIN, press 3

To return to the main menu at any time, press *.

The full range of menu items, with voice and touchtone commands, can be found on this guide.