NEAX Voicemail

NEAX Voicemail is a legacy system that the Unified Communications department is migrating all users from. Eventually, all users will be using Unified Messaging for their voicemail. Until then, these instructions are provided for those who have yet to be migrated.

(775) 682-9950

Access My Voicemail

Information for retrieving messages from on and off campus.

Reset my PIN

How to obtain a new PIN.

Menu Structure

Accessing Messages
  • Log into your voicemail account
  • Press 1 to Play New Messages
  • Press 2 to Send a Message
  • Press 3 to Delete a Message
Change Greeting
  • Log into your voicemail account
  • Press 4 for Setup Options
  • Press 1 for Greetings and Transfer
  • Press 1 to Change Greeting
  • Follow the prompts
Bypass Greeting

To bypass the greeting on someone's voicemail box, press 9 to immediately hear to tone to begin leaving a message.