The Unified Communications department is currently migrating all users from the old, NEAX, system to Unified Messaging. As a result, IT currently operates two independent voicemail systems.

All new and migrated users should read the instructions for Unified Messaging.

Unified Messaging

(775) 682-9998

All new and migrated users are on UM. Voicemail on this system is accessible by telephone or e-mail.

NEAX Voicemail

(775) 682-9950

All existing users who have not been migrated use this system. Voicemails are only accessible via the telephone.

Obtaining a Voicemail Box

If your office phone does not have a voicemail box associated with it, or you would like the voicemail box to be reset for a new user, please contact IT support with the following information:

  • The extension number of the phone
  • An alternative contact number that you can be reached by once the voicemail box has been created
  • The details of your supervisor (name and number)

Once created, you will be notified by a member of the Unified Communications department that the voicemail box is ready to be used.

Phone-less voicemail

It's possible to request a voicemail number for those who do not have a fixed office location. This will allow an employee to give out a single University number that sends callers straight to voicemail, allowing the employee to access messages wherever they are. Please ensure that you specify that you would like this particular kind of voicemail when contacting IT Support.

Accessing Someone Else's Voicemail

To access another employee's voicemail, even if the individual is no longer employed by the University, the dean/director/dept. chair of that department needs to send a request for approval to the Provost before IT will be able to help them. This policy is in place for security and legal reasons.