New Office Phone

To request a new Office Phone please contact IT Support. Please have the following information ready:

  • The name and number of someone in your department that can authorize this new phone (such as your supervisor).
  • The full name for the phone
  • The NetID of the new phone's user
  • The Department and location for the new phone
  • Whether you also need a voicemail account and long distance access code for this phone.

A new telephone set (and long distance access code) requires an IPO. The IT Support technician will explain where this IPO should be sent, and how it should be filled out. For your information, we publish a list of monthly rates and charges.

Please ensure that there is a phone jack available at the location for the new phone. If there is nowhere for the phone to plug in, please contact IT support to request a new drop before submitting the New Phone work order. There is a charge for installing a new phone drop.