Office Phones

There a few different types of office phone in use at the University, however they can all be set up to access the same features. Below, you will find information on how to use your office phone, how to request features such as a long distance access code and voicemail, and how to order a new phone or transfer a current phone to a new user. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact OIT Support.

Quick Instructions

Here are instructions specific to your model of phone. They will help you to access all of the many different features.

DTerm 2400 Phone

DTerm 2400 Phone

This phone is used by the majority of people at the University.

SV7000 Phone

SV7000/ DT730 Phone

This is an IP Phone. It is only used in some buildings on campus.

Phone Features

Making Calls

How to dial internal and external numbers from your office phone.


Information on creating and accessing your voicemail box.

Long Distance Access Codes

Requesting a code to allow you to make long distance calls.

New Phones

New Phone

Information on how how to request a brand new phone set and number.

Transfer Existing Phone

How to change the ownership and/or location of an existing line.