Nearly every desk, and every office, on campus is equipped with a telephone. Each phone has a direct line associated with it, and can have voicemail and long distance calling abilities. Our information on Office Phones will let you know how to utilize and set up these features.

Additionally, the University IT department can assist you with Cell Phones - including setting up a University-owned cell phone or mobile data plans, obtaining discounts on your personal cell phone bill through your affiliation with the University, and how to use the features of your cell phone to connect to the wireless signal and your University e-mail.

Office Phones

Information on using and obtaining the features of your office telephone.

Cell Phones

How to connect to mobile services, and obtain discounts for using your cell phone.


Account and billing information for telecoms systems and features like long distance calling.

ResHall Landline

Information for students who would like to install a land line telephone in their dorm room.

Campus Directory

The online Campus Directory is the best source for current contact information for Faculty and Staff.  There are two parts to the online Faculty/Staff directory: Employee Search and Departmental Search.

Please note: There is no comparable resource available for students at the University.

Employee Search

  • For individual members of faculty and staff.
  • The data source for this directory come from Human Resources.

Departmental Search

  • For information about colleges, departments, and programs, select the first letter of the name and browse the list.
  • Updates for the departmental directory should be sent to