Spam: Your Junk Mail Folder

This information applies to Outlook for Mac and PC, as well as the online mail client. Users of a different mail client, may experience limitations.

As emails come in, Exchange Online Protection and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection will determine whether the email is legitimate or not. All messages marked as spam will appear in your Junk Email folder.

Junk Mail Folder Location

Emails sent to the Junk Folder will be retained for 30 days, unless you indicate that the email is "safe" or manually delete the message.

Right-click Menu

Right-clicking on any message (whether it is in the Junk folder or not) allow you to refine which messages are treated as junk, and which messages are safe. You are given several options in the drop-down junk menu:

Junk Mail Menu

  • Block Sender. This will block the email address and move any subsequent emails from them into spam automatically.
  • Never Block Sender. This option will whitelist that specific email address and any future emails will go to the user's inbox rather than their Junk Folder.
  • Never Block Sender's Domain. This will whitelist any emails received from a specific email domain (e.g. Any future emails from that domain will be added to the inbox rather than going to the Junk Folder for review.
  • Not Junk. This option will whitelist the individual email without affecting the current safe/blocked settings. It is possible, in the future, for a similar email to still get marked as spam.
  • Junk Email Options. This allows you to change the strictness of the spam identification process.

Junk Email Options

By default, Outlook will set the Junk Email filtering levels to "low". However, if you find that too much spam is still apearing in your inbox, you can use this screen to increase the sensitivity. Be aware, the higher the setting, the more likely you are to experience a false-positive: that is, a legitimate email ending up in your Junk Mail folder.

Junk Email Options

The other tabs in the Options window further help to control the spam filtering.

  • Safe Senders. Any email address added to the safe senders list will ensure that those emails always go to your inbox. Please be aware of emails that appear legitimate, but may actually be malicious.
  • Safe recipients. You can add a specific email address, or an entire domain (e.g. to this list. These addresses are marked as safe regardless of what they contain.
  • Block senders. This allows you to block an email address or entire domain. Any addresses added to this list will automatically go into your junk mail folder.