Recover Deleted Items

If you accidentally permanently delete an e-mail, Microsoft Outlook may be able to recover it without the need to request a backup restoration from IT.

The instructions below use Outlook 2013, but the process is the same for Outlook 2010.

  1. With Outlook open, from the tabs at the top, click on Folder and then click on the Recover Deleted Items button.Recover Deleted Items button
  2. A window will appear. Click on the message you would like to recover, and then click on the Recover Selected Items button (an envelope with an arrow over the top).Select Message

    To select multiple messages, press Ctrl as you click each item to be restored.
  3. Recovered e-mails are then restored to the currently active folder (not necessarily the folder from which they were deleted).Restored message

If you are unable to recover the messages that need restoration, then please contact IT Support to restore you mailbox from a backup.