Send from a Public Folder: Outlook 2010

Public Folders do not allow you to send from their e-mail address by default. Therefore, you must make sure that setting is requested before you can send from the alternative e-mail address. Please contact IT Support for more information.

  1. With Outlook open, create a new e-mail message.New E-mail
  2. From the menu at the top, select the Options tab and then click on From within the "Show Fields" section.Show From Field
  3. A new section will appear in your e-mail message. Click on the From button next to where your personal e-mail address is displayed.From Button
  4. From the menu that appears, click on Other E-mail Address.Other E-mail Address
  5. A small window will appear. Click the From... button.

    You may be tempted to manually enter in the new "From" e-mail address into this section. You will receive an error message explaining that you don't have permissions to send from this account. You must select the alternative e-mail address from the address book.
  6. The address book will appear. Find and select your alternative e-mail address, and then click on OK.Find and Select Alternative Email Address
  7. Click on OK in the small window.Click OK
  8. The alternative e-mail address will then appear in the From section. Additionally, the menu below the From button will have the alternative e-mail address for any future mailing.Alternative E-mail Address
If you select an e-mail address for which you do not have "Send As" permissions, then you will still be able to select it, compose the message, and apparently send from. However, you will receive an error reply detailing your lack of permissions.Error Message