Encrypting E-mail

All e-mails sent from an @unr.edu e-mail account to another @unr.edu e-mail account are automatically secured as both parties need a NetID to be able to access their e-mail.

However, if you would like to encrypt an e-mail to an external address, please following this method.

To encrypt the e-mail, simply write [encrypt] (with the square brackets) in the subject of your e-mail. Our mail gateways will then detect this and apply secure encryption to the message.Send an encrypted message

What the recipient receives

When the encrypted message arrives, it will look like a regular e-mail (with an attachment).Recipient InboxHowever, instead of the body of the message that you sent, this e-mail will ask the recipient to open an attachment.Open the attachmentThe attachment (a simple html page) will instruct the user to click a button to read the message.Click to read messageThe link takes them to a secure site on a University server, where they will need to register their details.RegistrationAfter registering, they will be taken to the message.View Encrypted MessageThis encryption prevents the message from leaving the University (the recipient can only access the message on the University server).

If you have any questions about e-mail encryption, please contact IT Support.