Windows 8 Phone

As the Exchange e-mail server and Windows phones are both developed by Microsoft, connecting one to the other is relatively simple.

  1. Press on the Gear tile to access your phone's settings.Gear Icon
  2. Touch email+accounts to view your list of e-mail accounts.System Settings
  3. At the top of the list is Add an account. Press
  4. Select Outlook as your account type.Select Outlook
  5. Enter in your University e-mail address and NetID password. Press Sign In.Enter NetID
  6. The phone will then automatically find and configure your e-mail settings.Looking for settings
  7. To change which items to sync, and how far back to sync them, press on the newly created "Unr" account from your list of e-mail accounts.New UNR Account
  8. A list of all available settings will appear.Email Settings