Outlook 2010

If you are using a University-owned computer on campus, and you sign into it with your NetID, then launching Outlook should automatically configure the program to access your e-mail.

If you are off-campus, or the computer does not automatically connect to your e-mail, then follow these instructions. The screenshots below are taken from Outlook 2010. Later versions of Outlook have similar process, but will appear slightly different.

  1. If this is your first time launching Outlook, then the Add New Account wizard should launch automatically. Otherwise, click on File and then Add Account.Add Account Button
  2. In the Add New Account wizard, enter in the following information:Account Config
    • Your Name: Your Name
    • E-mail Address: netid@unr.edu (your University e-mail address)
    • Password: Your NetID password
    • Retype Password: Your NetID password
    Click Next to continue.
  3. The system should automatically configure your account.Email Config Successful
  4. Click on Finish to complete the process.

It can take a while for all of your e-mails to sync to Outlook, a progress bar at the bottom should let you know how far through the process it has got.