Mac Mail

These instructions refer to Mac Mail version 5.3 running on Mac OS X 10.7.5. Earlier or later versions of this software may have different menu options, and significantly earlier versions may not connect at all. If you have any difficulties, please contact IT Support.

  1. Launch Mail by clicking on the postage stamp icon from the dock.Mac Mail Icon
  2. Select Preferences... from the Mail menu at the top.Mail Preferences Menu
  3. Click on the Accounts tab from the preferences categories.Account Tab
  4. At the bottom of the preferences box, click on the + symbol to connect to a new mail account.Add Account
  5. Enter in the following information:Add Account Info
    • Full Name: Your Name
    • Email Address: Your University Email address -
    • Password: Your NetID/ Email password
    Click Continue.
  6. The system will then try to automatically find the settings needed to connect to your account.Checking Connection Msg

    If the program is unable to find the settings, then the option to manually enter in the settings will appear:Manually Enter Connection

    • Account Type: Exchange
    • Description: This can be anything you want
    • Incoming Mail Server:
    • User Name: Your NetID
    • Password: Your NetID password

    At this stage, you can also choose whether to also sync your Exchange contacts and calendar appointment.

    Click Continue.

  7. Once all the settings have been verified, click on Create to connect to your University E-mail account.Account Summary

You should now be connected to your University e-mail account. Depending upon the size of your mailbox, it can take a while for all of your e-mails to sync to the Mail program.

University Global Address List

Mac Mail does not have a built-in address book. However, by default, Macs ship with a separate "Address Book" application.

After you successfully connect to your University E-mail account through the Mail program, the Address Book program will also automatically connect to the Global Address List - these are the public contact details of the employees at the University.

With the Address Book open, have a look at, and search under, the directory called Unr Global Address List (This name may vary depending on the configuration settings of your Exchange account).UNR Global Address List