Due to the large variation in the operating system, and the lack of resources available to support users with technical issues, the University of Nevada, Reno does not officially support Android. These instructions are placed here as a guide only.

Each Android device will have a different way of connecting to your University e-mail. However, the process should be similar enough that these instructions can be followed if you allow for slight variations in appearance and process.

The following screenshots were taken on an HTC One running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean).

  1. In your devices Settings access your list of accounts.Settings - Accounts
  2. Click on the relevant button to add a new account.Add New Account
  3. Select Exchange ActiveSync or Corporate from the list of account types.Select Exchange Account
  4. Enter in your University e-mail address and NetID password. Press Next.Enter NetID
  5. If the settings don't automatically configure themselves, then you will need to enter in the following manual settings.Manual Settings
    • Email address: Your University e-mail address
    • Server address:
    • Domain:
    • Username: Your University e-mail address
    • Password: Your NetID password.
    • SSL: Yes
    Press Next.Checking Account Settings
  6. Select the data you would like to sync, and when you would like to receive mail. Press Next.Choose Which Data to Sync
  7. Give your account a name. Press Finish Setup.Account Name
  8. If your account is determined to have access to sensitive data, then you will be asked to apply certain security parameters to your device. Press OK.Security Policy
    • Your phone will need to have a secure password associated with it.
    • The time until your phone automatically locks may be shortened.
  9. The list of security policies will appear. Press Activate.
    It may be alarming to see the "Erase all data" security policy. This gives three people in the IT department permission to erase your phone if you report it lost or stolen. This prevents confidential data from getting into the wrong hands. Your phone will only be wiped with your permission.
  10. Launching the mail app on your phone will let you access your University e-mail.

If you have any issues connecting your Android device to the University Exchange server, please contact IT Support for basic troubleshooting.