Archive E-mail: Outlook 2010

Archiving e-mails in Outlook 2010 will automatically remove e-mails of a certain age from the mail server and permanently store them on your local computer.

If you decide not to store the archived mail in the default location, please avoid placing the file on the NAS (or any other shared space). Doing so could corrupt your archive file.

In this example, we will be archiving mail older that 180 days. The time limit is arbitrary and can be altered to best suit your needs.
  1. With Outlook 2010 open, right-click on your Inbox (from the folders list on the left) and select Properties.Properties
  2. In the Properties window, select the AutoArchive tab.AutoArchive Tab
  3. Select the Archive this folder using these settings option. Ensure that the "Clean out items older than" area is set to 6 months (or however old you would like the messages to be), and that the Move old items to default archive folder option has been selected.AutoArchive Settings
  4. Click on OK.
  5. A warning about global AutoArchive options may appear. Click on OK.AutoArchive Warning
Please note: These archiving settings will not automatically archive any subfolder. Instead, you will need to set autoarchiving instructions for each subfolder individually.

The AutoArchive instructions have now been set. They will run automatically. They may not run immediately. However, after the archive has completed, a section in the folder list called Archives will appear with all your archived mail within.Archived Mail