Department E-mail Address

Departments wishing to have a generic e-mail address that people can use to contact them, have two options: A Public Folder or A Distribution Group. Both of these methods tie-in to your already existing University e-mail account (no need to set up a separate username and password), however each method has pros and cons for its use.

If you are looking for a generic e-mail address that can be used to send notifications to multiple people, please see our information on the Sympa Mailing List server.

Comparison of Department E-mail Options

Public FolderDistribution Group
Multiple people can have access to the e-mails. Yes Yes
Send from the department e-mail address. Yes No
Recipients don't need an e-mail account. No Yes
E-mail is sent directly to recipients inbox. No Yes
Deleting an e-mail deletes it for everyone. Yes No
Non-Microsoft E-mail Clients can access the e-mail. No Yes

For more information, or to request a department e-mail account, please contact IT Support.