Mailing List Creation

The Sympa mailing list system is not linked to your NetID, therefore it is necessary to create an account before you can create a mailing list.

  • List owner/list managers must have an e-mail address ending with Other e-mail addresses will not be accepted.
  • Mailing lists must be associated with University educational or business goals.
Please Note: lists created on the Sympa mailing list server are not, and should not be, associated with class rosters or with WebCampus classes. Methods for e-mailing a class roster are provided by MyNEVADA and WebCampus.

Create your Account on Sympa

  1. Go to the Sympa Server (
  2. Click on the First Login? link at the upper-left corner of the website.First Login Link
  3. Enter in your University e-mail address, and then click on the Send me my password button.Request first password
  4. To verify your eligibility, an e-mail containing a password to the mailing list server will be sent to your e-mail address. This password may be changed after you login for the first time:
    1. Login to the Sympa Server with your University e-mail address and the supplied password.Login to Sympa
    2. Click on Your Preferences at the top center of the website.Your preferences
    3. Enter your new password (twice) in the Changing your password section.Changing your password
    4. Press the Submit button to save the changes.

Create a Mailing List

  1. Login to the Sympa Server using your University e-mail address and personalized password.
  2. Click on the Create List tab.Create list
  3. Enter the following under the Create a list using a template section:
    1. List Name

      Select a short, concise name. Long and/or complicated names are prone to misspelling and other errors.

      List names may contain any combination of letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. No spaces or special characters (i.e: $,%,*,~) are allowed.

      Example: The name must be unique. A mailing list for English 100 Section 33 might be named "eng10033," so the resulting email address would be "". Check the List of Lists tab to search for existing list names.
    2. Owner

      This will be the e-mail address of the user creating the list. You can add additional owners after the list is created.

    3. List Type (Choose one)

      Private Discussion List

      This list type is appropriate for groups with limited membership (departments, search committees, etc.) and for groups wishing to limit the scope of information distribution.

      • Subscription is moderated
      • Subscribers may post
      • Private archives
      Private Announcement List

      The list owner approves any posts and subscription requests

      • Moderated list
      • Moderated subscription
      • Subscribers' e-mails are protected
      • Private archives
      Public Announcement List

      Anyone may subscribe, posts have to be approved by the moderators of the list.

      • Moderated list
      • Anyone may subscribe
      • Subscribers' e-mails are protected
      Please Note: More list types are available. List type settings can be changed once the list is created. If your list requirements aren't met by the default options, just pick one and adjust the settings later.
    4. Subject

      Short description of the purpose of the mailing list.

    5. Topics

      Pick a topic that best fits the type of list.

    6. Description

      A long description of the purpose of the mailing list.

  4. Click on the Submit your creation request button. The University Listmaster (a member of the IT department) will review the application (usually within hours). The list owner will receive an e-mail notification of the decision. If approved, the list owner may then return to the Sympa Server to manage the new list.