Free Service Support

Information Technology has technicians certified to do warranty hardware repair on Dell and Apple desktop, laptop and mobile computer devices.  If your institutional computer is not currently under warranty or is warranted by a manufacturer other than those listed, IT Support can diagnose the PC for no labor charge to determine if it is worth repairing. 

Support Warranty Equipment

  • Dell, Apple; Laptop/PCs/Netbooks/Tablets - Field Support technicians are certified to do warranty repairs on University-owned Dell and Apple computers, monitors, mobile devices and printers. There is no charge for labor. Parts are covered under the warranty. Instructions for obtaining warranty info by manufacturer.
  • Exceptions- In an effort to provide a high level of service, some exceptions have been defined.
    • We do not repair Legacy PCs or equipment not supported by the vendor (too old).
    • We may recommend replacement or arrange to have repairs outsourced to a third-party vendor.
    • We do not repair monitors.  However, it may be possible to provide a replacement monitor from older salvaged equipment.
    • Equipment obtained from the monthly UNR Surplus Property sale may not be returned to campus for any reason without central IT approval.
    • Unless purchased with unit, spillage and accidental damage are not covered under warranty.

Other Support

  • Cell Phone/Handheld Device Syncing - Most smartphones can be setup to access the University Email Server.  Not all phones and handheld devices are compatible with the UNR system.  We do not support syncing of non-supported phones and handheld equipment. The user must rely on self-help support.
  • Limited Peripherals Warranty Work - We do not do warranty work on any peripheral equipment. Please consult the Yellow Pages for warranty and service by vendor. We do attempt to repair printers and scanners, including printers under Dell warranty.
  • Monitors - We do not repair monitors due to the complexity and cost effectiveness of the repair versus buying a new monitor. In certain cases (e.g., high end or specialized monitors), we can provide a list of outside sources for repair from which you can choose, or offer a refurbished monitor, if available. We will obtain warranty replacement monitors through Dell and Apple.
  • Copiers, Multi-Function Devices (other than those contracted through the Purchasing Department) - IT supports the installation and configuration of printer, scanners, copiers and other shared devices linked to the University network.  Contact IT Support for scheduling.
  • Supplies - Computer-related supplies, such as ribbons, toner cartridges, and ink jet cartridges are considered operator-replaceable supplies. Replacements should be purchased and installed by the user.  Contact the Campus Business office for details.
  • Purchasing - University-owned computers, monitors, printers, and other serial-numbered equipment are governed by BCN Purchasing rules.  IT will assess your needs and recommend equipment prior to purchase. Please contact IT Support.
  • Personally owned equipment - Desktop Field Support does not maintain or repair personal equipment. We have posted minimum recommended specifications for purchasing a personal computer for use at the University. IT Support will assist with configuration and troubleshooting of software and connectivity issues on personally owned computers. Visit the Hardware Specs page for computer purchase recommendations.