Apple Support

Does the University of Nevada, Reno's IT department support Apple computers?YesMembers of the IT department have often heard comments that we don't support Apple computers. This is simply not true.

The vast majority of University and student computers run Windows, and therefore many IT services and resources are tailored towards that operating system. However, there are very few services that we offer to Windows users that can't also be provided to Apple users.

The IT department has Apple-certified technicians and systems administrators that focus primarily on supporting Apple users. They attend training sessions, and research the latest products so that they can best assist you with your technical, purchasing and operating issues. Most of the IT Technicians on campus have been provided with a Mac so that they can enhance their knowledge of using, troubleshooting and supporting that operating system. Additionally, we have a close working relationship with Apple representatives and engineers so that we can be informed of the latest developments and products that may affect and benefit the members of the University.

At the University, the ratio of Apple specialists to Apple computers is four times greater than our Windows specialist to Windows computers ratio.

Services Offered

If you have any questions about the level of service offered, please don't hesitate to contact IT Support.