Service Catalog

The University IT department supports all faculty and staff with their University-owned equipment, and tier 1 troubleshooting for a student's personally-owned computer.

Student Support

A student may contact IT Support for assistance with any personally-owned computing and software issue, as well as support using any University IT resource, including Login IDs in use on campus.

Due to the complexity of some academic software, it may not be possible to receive immediate assistance on an issue relating to such a program. However, IT Support should provide guidance on the best place to find a solution to the problem.

Additionally, only tier one (basic) support can be provided for computing equipment. For warranty reasons, it is not possible for IT Support to provide any hardware support. Therefore, it may be necessary to ultimately seek assistance from a third-party company. However, you are encouraged to utilize University IT support before seeking outside assistance.

Faculty and Staff Support

Hardware and Software Support

Trained staff handle the installation, relocation, and configuration of hardware and/or software on most University-owned computer equipment located in University buildings.  Recommended maintenance upgrades and repair service on a warrantied hardware is available.

Please select your operating system to find out the level of support offered by IT:

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Free Services

Information on the services that can be provided by IT for no cost.

Fee-based Services

Details of the support that can be provided and charged to the department.

PC Refurbishment Program

When computers are replaced, sometimes the old computer can be rebuilt to make it available to go back into the university network. This IT program allows departments to buy rebuilt PCs for only $60, when they do not have funds for new computers. Used monitors and refurbished printers may also be available.

Campus Lab Support

Consulting, design and hardware/software and security support for student campus academic labs.  Includes semi-annual design, update and installation of images.

Why doesn't University IT provide support for an employee's personally-owned computer?

As part of the payments given to the University when a student enrolls, the "tech" fee goes towards paying for specialist IT personnel to support active students with technical issues. This fee is not paid by active employees, and therefore IT does not have the resources available to support their personally-owned computing equipment.

Therefore, you have the following option for repairing your non-University equipment:

  • Contact your computer manufacturer. They are familiar with your computer and can be the most helpful in resolving issues that are covered under the warranty. They may also provide you with information or referrals to fee-based service shops.
  • If your computer is not covered by an existing warranty, try one of the following solutions.
    • Open the phonebook or search the internet to find a local computer repair service.
    • Most stores that sell computers also do repair and upgrades. Make sure they can give you a warranty on the work they do.
    • Check with the Better Business Bureau for information on business practices.
  • Contact IT Support - although we can not provide in-depth technical support, it is against our nature to turn away any request for help. Our trained staff are knowledgeable about all University equipment, and much of this knowledge can be applied to personally owned machines as well. It is very possible that there is a simple solution to, what can appear to be, a very complex issue.