Visiting Scholar Guest Account Policy

This policy is governed by the following policies:


All visiting scholars who wish to use any of the University's computing information resources, such as the library's online resources, campus wireless network, or campus general-access computing labs, must register for a computing account.


University resources are constrained by space and funds. To ensure University students, faculty, and staff have priority use, the University limits access to the general public.

As an institution partially funded with state dollars, the University Libraries provide selected services to the general public, which include on-premise use of information resources and limited use of computing resources. Certain library and informational resources and services are generally not available to visitors with temporary computing accounts. These include, but are not limited to, server storage, large format scanning/plotting/printing, Document Delivery, Interlibrary Loan, and off-premise access to and use of digital library materials. Remote access to online library databases is determined by contractual licenses that limit who may access what information from what location. NOTE: Granting of a temporary computing account generally does not provide off-campus access to the Libraries' licensed digital information resources.


See applicant criteria and the procedure for acquiring a guest account below.

Applicant Criteria

The following criteria apply to the issuing of temporary computing accounts:

  1. Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) faculty members are eligible for a temporary computing account. These accounts shall remain active for the period requested (up to one year).
  2. Persons requesting access to the campus wireless network shall be granted access for a limited time (usually a matter of days).
  3. Students from neighboring institutions (e.g., Sierra Nevada College, Morrison College, TMCC, WNCC, etc.) are not eligible for temporary computing accounts.
  4. Visiting scholars, through sponsorship by a campus department, may receive a temporary computing account in the Guest Domain for the time period they are visiting. The sponsoring department must request a temporary computing account on behalf of the guest by submitting the Application for Access to Computing Resources. Generally, visiting scholars are not granted remote access to the University Libraries' digital information resources (online journals, etc.).


To get a guest computer account

  1. Contact point is IT Support.
  2. Complete the Application for Access to Computing Resources for the visiting scholar.
  3. Visitors under the age of 18 must submit a completed Parental Internet Access Consent Form.
  4. Provide documentation from sponsoring department, if applicable.
  5. A Help Desk Professional will create a temporary access account, which will include the date of expiration.

To use your computing account

  1. Go to a public computer workstation at one of the University's libraries (Knowledge Center, DeLaMare Library or Savitt Medical Library) or to one of the general-access computer labs on campus.
  2. At the prompts, type in your login and password.

Related Computer Policies

It is understood that use of the University of Nevada, Reno computing resources may be revoked at any time due to misuse or licensing issues.