NevadaBox Policies and Procedures

Storage Limit

  • Unlimited storage for individuals
  • Unlimited storage for Group Accounts (GA)
  • Unlimited for Organizational Accounts (OA)

Mor space available upon request.

File Size Limits

  • 15GB single file upload limit.


  • Shared “Links” to files and folders will default access to other UNR affiliated member who are active within the UNR HR and Student Information system.
  • By default, shared links will expire after 60 days with 7 days’ notice before expiration.

Data Synchronization

  • The use of Box Sync to synchronize Group and Organizational accounts is not recommended.
  • The use of Box Sync to synchronize FERPA or Confidential data is not recommended.

Eligibility and Ownership

NevadaBox is a service provided at no cost to all active UNR employees. UNR employees can activate their NevadaBox account by logging in at using their UNR NetID.

Once an individual is no longer affiliated with the University, as indicated by our HR or Student Information system, accesses to their NevadaBox account will be disabled.

When an individual is no longer affiliated with the University their NevadaBox account will remain disabled for 90 days and then be deleted. Once deleted, data in a NevadaBox account cannot be restored.

It is the responsibility of each department utilizing NevadaBox to ensure that business critical data is transferred to a new owner before the user is no longer affiliated with the University. NevadaBox storage and use is for business related items only and should not be used to store or share personal content.

The Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 22 (2)(a) and Section 22 (3) confirms that all “computing resources” are NSHE property and that all rights are retained by NSHE. When an individual leaves the University, UNR retains the right to reassign ownership of any and all information remaining within a NevadaBox account.

Third Party Applications

Third Party applications that don’t meet the following criteria may be subject to review and removal from the NevadaBox environment:

  • Support single sign-on
  • Data must be encrypted in transport (SSL or TLS)
  • Never take content outside of secure Box storage (pass through to display is OK, but copying / caching files on local devices is not allowed)
  • Provide a service not adequately covered by other approved Box applications
  • Apps will be run in the approved / appropriate environment

If you have a question about Third Party Applications please contact IT Support.

Data Types Allowed in NevadaBox

Only specific data types are permitted to be stored in NevadaBox.